A mix of different things are here.
You are going to find family's and friends' websites and random information about things i love - such as animals and books - that are going to spur your interest.


My brother David is a genius physicist, exquisite poet, tough and skilled martial artist. He loves culture and traveling and plants. Enjoy his work, poetry and latest news at his website David Edward Bruschi !

My girlfriend Stephanie is passionate in history. She is a multi-businesses' owner, including pioneering in the ancient Egyptian skill of Sugaring (The Sugarista) in the US west coast and her London-based business about Sugaring, The London Sugaring Company. She is now the leading trainer in this ancient skill and is the first truly organic sugar distributor.

National Geographic's website is an endless world of wonders.

One of my favorite art is from French artist and graphic novels illustrator Mathieu Lauffray.